Первым делом, первым делом самолеты...

Как весело кататься на санках, которые мчатся впереди тебя! (с)
... ну а потом, разумеется, моторные катера :)
Когда-то собирался у меня иллюстративный материал по самолетам, встречающимся в текстах Лоуренса, и положу-ка я его сюда, а то особо ничего визуального от меня нет...

Самолет-разведчик, сконструирован фирмой «Де Хевиленд»; двухместный биплан. На его базе был сконструирован наш первый самолет-разведчик Р-1.
However, Salmond and Borton were men avid of novelty. They worked out loads for D.H.g and Handley-Page, while Allenby sat by, listening and smiling, sure it would be done. The co-operation of the air with his unfolding scheme had been so ready and elastic, the liaison so complete and informed and quick. (Seven Pillars of Wisdom, ch.CXIII)

«Handley Page»

Сконструирован в 1916 г. Ф.Хэндли Пейджем) – тяжелый бомбардировщик с 4 двигателями, 4-5 пулеметами и бомбами общим весом на 7500 фунтов (3,4 тонны).
Twenty miles short of Um el Surab we perceived a single Bedawi, running southward all in a flutter, his grey hair and grey beard flying in the wind, and his shirt (tucked up in his belly-cord) puffing out behind him. He altered course to pass near us, and, raising his bony arms, yelled, The biggest aeroplane in the world’, before he flapped on into the south, to spread his great news among the tents. At Um el Surab the Handley stood majestic on the grass, with Bristols and 9.A—like fledglings beneath its spread of wings. Round it admired the Arabs, saying, ‘Indeed and at last they have sent us THE aeroplane, of which these things were foals’. (Seven Pillars of Wisdom, ch.CXIV)

Bristol F-2б «Fighter»
Cконструирован Ф.Барнвеллом весной 1916 года. Самый грозный из британских истребителей 1 мировой войны, тяжелый и в то же время маневренный двухместный биплан, 3 пулемета и бомбы общим весом 260 фунтов (108,9 кг).
So much the better, said Salmond; they would send two Bristol fighters over to Umtaiye to sit with us while we needed them. Had we spares? Petrol? Not a drop? How was it to be got there? Only by air? An air-contained fighting unit? Unheard of!
(Seven Pillars of Wisdom, ch.CXIII)
It is perhaps a pity they have no sign in the Depot of the R.A.F.'s proper business - no sign other than the Bristol Fighter moulting behind bars in the Transport Yard. The sight of flying would hearten us, as a reminder of our profession - to help conquer the air. (The Mint, part I, ch.22)
Once we so fled across the evening light, with the yellow sun on my left, when a huge shadow roared just overhead. A Bristol Fighter, from Whitewash Villas, our neighbour aerodrome, was banking sharply round. I checked speed an instant to wave: and the slip-stream of my impetus snapped my arm and elbow astern, like a raised flail. The pilot pointed down the road towards Lincoln. I sat hard in the saddle, folded back my ears and went away after him, like a dog after a hare. Quickly we drew abreast, as the impulse of his dive to my level exhausted itself. (The Mint, part III, ch.16)
Измучав весь гугл, я так понимаю, что "биф" - это тот же "бристоль", так что...
I dared, on a rise, to slow imperceptibly and glance sideways into the sky. There the Bif was, two hundred yards and more back. Play with the fellow? Why not? I slowed to ninety: signalled with my hand for him to overtake. Slowed ten more: sat up. Over he rattled. His passenger, a helmeted and goggled grin, hung out of the cock-pit to pass me the 'Up yer' Raf randy greeting.They were hoping I was a flash in the pan, giving them best. Open went my throttle again. Boa crept level, fifty feet below: held them: sailed ahead into the clean and lonely country. An approaching car pulled nearly into its ditch at the sight of our race. The Bif was zooming among the trees and telegraph poles, with my scurrying spot only eighty yards ahead. I gained though, gained steadily: was perhaps five miles an hour the faster. Down went my left hand to give the engine two extra dollops of oil, for fear that something was running hot: but an overhead Jap twin, super-tuned like this one, would carry on to the moon and back, unfaltering.We drew near the settlement. A long mile before the first houses I closed down and coasted to the cross-roads by the hospital. Bif caught up, banked, climbed and turned for home, waving to me as long as he was in sight.(The Mint, part III, ch.16)

А вот еще "бристоль" в восточных декорациях и в художественном исполнении :)

Выпущен летом 1916 г. Одноместный аэроплан с 1 или 2 орудиями, серии В.Е.(Bleriot Experimental). Модель была сочтена неудачной, использовалась как легкий бомбардировщик.
So our tiny Air Force was reduced to the B.E.12, a type so out of date that it was impossible for fighting, and little use for reconnaissance. (Seven Pillars of Wisdom, ch.CVIII)

А это тот самый, на котором летал Джунор, из того самого архива:
Junor, the pilot of the B.E.12 machine, now alone at Azrak, had heard from the disabled Murphy of the enemy machines about Deraa, and in his own mind decided to take the Bristol Fighter’s place, and carry out the air programme. So when things were at their thickest with us he suddenly sailed into the circus. We watched with mixed feelings, for his hopelessly old-fashioned machine made him cold meat for any one of the enemy scouts or two-seaters: but at first he astonished them, as he rattled in with his two guns. They scattered for a careful look at this unexpected opponent. (Seven Pillars of Wisdom, ch.CIX)

DH9A ('Nine Acks')
Сконструирован в 1918 году. Расширенная и улучшенная версия DH-9, биплан-бомбардировщик.
In this stream of light puny figures, eight or ten of them, swim, at a game of push and pull around the glitter-winged Bristol Fighters or Nine Acks. (The Mint, part III, ch.7)

«Пфальц D-III»
Сконструирован в августе 1917 г. Германский истребитель, не отличавшийся большой мощностью, но высокоманевренный. Использовался в основном для атаки на наблюдательные батальоны.
Peake fired his first charge, like a poplar-tree of black smoke, with a low following report; and the first Turkish machine got up and came for us. Nuri Said and I fitted admirably under an outcrop of rock, fissured into deep natural trenches, on the hill's southern face. There we waited coolly for the bomb: but it was only a reconnaissance machine, a Pfalz, which studied us, and returned to Deraa with its news. (Seven Pillars of Wisdom, ch.CIX)

«Альбатрос D I»
Cконструирован летом 1916 года – немецкий одноместный истребитель, с 2 пулеметами. Дополнительную надежность ему придавала обшивка фюзеляжа из фанеры, а не из ткани.
Bad news it must have been, for three two-seaters, and four scouts and an old yellow-bellied Albatros got up in quick succession, and circled over us, dropping bombs, or diving at us with machine-gun fire.(Seven Pillars of Wisdom, ch.CIX)
At the corner of the aerodrome by the south end of the station we struck over towards the town. There were old Albatros machines in the sheds, and men lounging about. (Seven Pillars of Wisdom, ch.LXXX)

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2009-07-29 в 16:39 

FleetinG_ Спасибо.))) Полезная работа.))):red:

2009-07-29 в 20:19 

Как весело кататься на санках, которые мчатся впереди тебя! (с)
Лучусь :)
Мне особенно "хэндли-пэйдж" нравится. ЭЛЬ самолет, нечего сказать :)
Только страшно представить, как такая штука с Лоуренсом на борту грохалась...

2009-07-29 в 20:55 

FleetinG_ Только страшно представить, как такая штука с Лоуренсом на борту грохалась... (((

2009-07-31 в 11:55 

amethyst deceiver
It's his excessive consumption of mushrooms. They've addled his brain...(c)
FleetinG_ Спасибочки! А я потом фотки с Лоуренсом на лодочках повешу ))
Дополнительную надежность ему придавала обшивка фюзеляжа из фанеры, а не из ткани. Когда-то обшивка была вообще из ткани... Так вот сравниваешь с современностью... Жутковато и умилительно одновременно. :)

2009-08-03 в 20:34 

Как весело кататься на санках, которые мчатся впереди тебя! (с)
Даааа, романтическая заря авиации...
Amethyst deceiver, на здоровье! :) А лодок будем ждать...

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