Cтатья Дж.Н. Локмана, посвященная проблеме подлинности инцидента в Дераа (ч.1)

Contra Deraa

Having, in my earlier three pieces on the Bey of Deraa, the intriguing cacti photograph* of T.E. Lawrence, and the Deraa misrepresentations of James, offered new evidence for the truth of the Deraa incident and also defended Lawrence against wild charges of its falsity, I must now "switch benches" and proceed to advance the prosecution case, offering arguments, many based on newly discovered evidence, against the truth of the incident. (1) These essays taken together thus accurately reflect the development of one open-minded Lawrence researcher over the three-year course of his study. I invite readers, too, however entrenched on one side of the debate or the other, to appreciate thereby the deep ambiguity of the question.
     What follows is a two-part presentation of the case against Deraa, consisting firstly of specific arguments against it, and secondly of probable influences in its genesis, if indeed it was an invention. The case is by no means conclusive, merely tentative.

Possible Evidence for a Deraa Fiction

1. Lawrence's three-day Azrak-Akaba ride. Lawrence's speedy ride south from Azrak to Akaba, covering nearly 300 miles in three-and-ahalf days, November 23 — 26, 1917, and completed within a week of his alleged torture in Deraa on November 20, casts doubt on the reality of that incident. During the ride, he spent an average of nearly twenty hours a day in the saddle and, as he himself relates in Chapter 81 of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, fell off his camel a number of times. Had he sustained many lacerations and two bayonet wounds at Deraa just days before, the constant motion and those falls would certainly have stretched his skin and thus reopened any such wounds. Continuing his long ride with bleeding wounds would have been next to impossible.
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Scattered Tracks on the Lawrence Trail: Twelve Essays on T.E. Lawrence by J. N. Lockman, Falcon Books, 1996, pp. 113-128.


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О, спасибо тебе, что выложила, будет что почитать в самолете!

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